Art & illustrations

Art & illustrations' essentials for your brand.
Illustration design

We design beautiful illustrations.

starts at €399

Business illustration

Business illustrations that get you noticed.

starts at €399

NFT illustration

We create your NFTs illustrations and collections.

starts at €489

Book illustration

We design the illustration of your book.

starts at €399

Card or invitation design

We design your invitation card.

starts at €399

Greeting card design

We design powerful greeting cards.

starts at €399

Wedding invitation design

We design memorable wedding invitations.

starts at €429

Character or mascot design

We design memorable characters and mascots.

starts at €429

Tattoo design

We design powerful tattoes that will be unforgettable.

starts at €399

3D Model design

We create your 3D models

starts at €489

3D Architectural rendering

We design your 3D Architectural renderings.

starts at €489


La crème de la crème


We're more than a digital agency

Creative Patterns is a Swiss company, based in Geneva, Switzerland. We launched Creative Patterns to assist businesses to increase their design firepower. You can work with us in three ways. First one is through Creative Patterns Services, which is Service based. Second one is through Creative Patterns Custom-orders. Need something out of this world? We provide an estimate with set deliverables to help you solve any design challenge you may have. The third and last way is by using our staffing services for your own projects, services, and consultancy.

Our Principles

It's important to do your due-diligence when working with a design company. Because your design happiness is our priority, here are the four principles we abide by

Our engagement

We underpromise, overdeliver. Our reputation is what guarantees our surival and success.

Act in your interest

We always act in your business' best interest regardless of our own.

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